The “autoNotify” configuration variable

The “autoNotify” configuration variable


The notification verb in the atPlatform is used to inform a secondary server of some event.

Please check the NotificationVerbHandler source code to learn more about the implementation of the notification verb.

The focus of this article is the autoNotify configuration variable, and how it is used by the secondary server. Description

The autoNotify configuration variable is used by the secondary server to automatically notify another secondary server when a key that has been shared with someone is updated or deleted.

This image shows the relevant code snippet from config.yaml:


The default value of autoNotify is “true.” The value of autoNotify can be altered by adding an entry in the environment variable or by changing the value in config.yaml file.

Refer to the UpdateVerbHandler and DeleteVerbHandler for how autoNotify is used. Coming Soon

We plan to expose the value of this parameter using the config verb, which can toggle this for each atSign, per key and per command.

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