Planning Poker, without Copy/Paste


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Planning Poker, without Copy/Paste

We use Planning Poker as a fun way to gauge the effort needed for various pieces of work from our backlog. The tool offers integration with Jira, but we use GitHub projects, and that's left us having to copy and paste card details from one place to another.

Thankfully also offers .csv import, and it's reasonably easy to generate a suitable file using some scripts that harness the GitHub API.

First we use to get the right project ID:

6018453 3 Used for tracking backlogs, bugs, issues, enhancements across multiple repo's in Open Source.
12437918 5 Open source development and sprint planning for

Then to get the column name for the sprint we're planning:

11918750 Backlog
12092381 Bugs
14337222 PR12 - 107 SP's (Capacity 105)
13742763 Spike - POC

and lastly to generate a .csv file that will look something like this:

Issue Key,Summary,Description,Acceptance Criteria,Story Points
38,Integrate Rocky's design into Docsy WTF site,,,
43,Home/landing page messaging and content,,,
40,Docs Page - Left hand menu items and flow,,,
41,Landing page design for each of main category pages in the top menu,,,
46,Open Source Policies & Process,,,
45,Update Nomenclature on and other pages,,,

The .csv file can then be imported into, and all that tedious coping and pasting (and errors and omissions that might go with it) can be avoided.